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Aluminum railings and fences - beauty and reliability

Feb 15

The development of architecture and design today offers us a fairly wide range of styles, both internal and external, based on modern trends in human development.

But there are elements that have come down to us from long ago. That is, they have been used for a very long time and, in principle, they have not undergone constructive changes.

These elements can be railings and metal fences.

  • Let's start with the fact that elements of this type are mainly used for fencing stairs and podiums. And since all this is used by people, according to the criteria of quality and strength, it is necessary to pay due attention. And here the quality of the raw materials plays the most important role. That is why metal, in this case, trumps all other materials.
  • Secondly, the resistant synthetic materials that appeared could not force the metal out of this category. And even their (relatively) low price could not equally affect the position of metal fences and railings.
  • Thirdly, the appearance of metal products is in no way inferior to other finishing materials. In addition, modern processing methods make it possible to change the metal beyond recognition (in principle, it is not necessary to do this, this material is good in itself). The surface of metal products can be very diverse: textured, inlaid, polished, etc. All this helps to give the metal an unsurpassed appearance, which everyone loves, especially designers.
  • Fourth, we will immediately make a reservation and put a point on it: the metal railing and fence is a classic.

What metals can railings and fences be made of

In principle, there are no restrictions. It all depends on the budget allocated to this type of work. If you are a millionaire, order them in gold. Manufacturers of railings and stair railings are ready to provide you with such products, there is no problem here and there cannot be.

But for most consumers who want to see these design elements in their homes, there are few offerings. Again, the case is based on the cost of the final product, which is also based on the cost of raw materials.

What does the market offer today?

  • Aluminum;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Steel;
  • cast iron.

Aluminum railing

The advantages of aluminum fence stairs for resale. And here their weight and ease of installation, where it is not necessary to apply welding processes, which obviously reduces the cost of the entire structure, are highlighted. We add here and high rates of resistance to temperature changes, to resist corrosion we add high maintainability (quickly and simply replacing a failed element is not a problem)

Currently, all of the above products are made from anodized aluminum profiles, the surface of which is galvanized. It is not uncommon for aluminum products to be simply painted by powder coating. The second option allows you to diversify the colors, which allows you to enter the railings and fences of any interior design of the premises.

Warning! Currently, designers have begun to offer a combination of aluminum and glass, which has made aluminum products very popular. But it should be noted that this approach is possible if there are no small children in the house.

Immediately make a reservation that manufacturers currently offer three main types of design of railings and aluminum fences.

Anodized elements already mentioned above. Surprisingly, aluminum products treated in this way are very similar to stainless steel, which clearly distinguishes them from the many options available. If it is necessary to get rid of the color of steel, manufacturers are already ready to offer gold or silver plated coatings, which make railings and fences much more expressive in terms of approach to the design of these structures.

Warning! It is necessary to clean these objects carefully. And although there is a guarantee that it is almost impossible to spoil them, you should not use abrasive detergents and harsh tools (metal grids and brushes) when washing.

Currently, manufacturers offer several types of aluminum closure structures, which are installed according to different schemes. The first is the wall option. That is, the railings are mounted directly on the wall with special brackets. These are the so-called support structures.

Most importantly, manufacturers today are ready to supply the market with a large number of steel products, painted in various colors. This raises a question about the quality of staining. There is no need to doubt the quality, since the latest technologies allow to achieve high rates of increasing the strength of bonding metal surfaces and painted surfaces. For example, powder coating.

As you can see, even for ordinary consumers, metal railings are available. The choice is not huge, but in terms of the variety of shapes and designs, it is simply huge. So there is something to choose from. In the video presented in this article you will find additional information on this topic, let it be a kind of instruction for you.

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