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Wooden Fence: The Main Advantages

Feb 1

Installing a fence may seem like a big project, but you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great result. The installation of a wooden fence will offer you an interesting return on investment. Not only does this add security and curb appeal to your home, but it can also increase the total value of your home. Here are the main advantages you should know about this type of fence.

The wooden fence – a versatile solution

One of the most important advantages of the wood fence over other materials is that it is a multi-solution option. You can choose from several slat heights and several stake spacings. It can be cut in a variety of styles, widths and heights, allowing you to create a custom look to suit your needs, style and budget.

Fences are generally between 0.50m and 2m high. It is for this reason that the ganivelles are available in several heights.

Depending on the destination, you can also choose a more or less wide spacing between the stakes. And even add a little decorative appeal by mixing heights and spacings.

You can also paint or stain the wood by applying a water-resistant paint or stain in a tone you like.

Girondine fences or fences made of chestnut wood offer greater versatility.

The wooden fence promotes privacy

Besides the solid fence panels, the wooden fence with a small gap between the stakes is your best option to protect yourself from prying eyes. You probably don't like the idea of ​​neighbors having free rein in your garden. It is much more pleasant to dine on the terrace in complete privacy than to feel visible to everyone. Installing a 1.20m high chestnut fence with stakes spaced 3cm apart can give you the privacy you crave.

Plus, the slightly taller Girondine barriers will keep your outdoor space private, allowing you some freedom while blocking the view of neighbors and curious passers-by.

The wooden fence is more durable

A chestnut wood fence offers very strong durability to your fence and is more affordable than other fence options.

The lifespan of your chestnut wood fence will depend on few external factors and above all on its installation, which must be carried out correctly. In addition, the wood is biodegradable and can be recycled. It is an exceptional ecological option.

The wooden fence is elegant

The overall curb appeal of a home can be increased by the addition of a well-installed and attractive wood fence. Gironde fences can be very pleasing to the eye, especially in the summer months with pretty flowers climbing over them.

Noise reduction

A chestnut fence 1.50m to 2m high with stakes spaced 3 to 5 cm apart will protect you from traffic noise. It can be effective in eliminating between 6 and 10 decibels of noise. This approach can also be applied to properties located next to railway tracks.

The wooden fence is the cheapest

Wood is profitable in the short and long term. Chestnut wooden fences are less expensive per linear meter and to install than types of fences using other materials.

Girondine fences or barriers in chestnut are easy to transport, install and dismantle if necessary.

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